I hold the light
for those that walk
in the dark.

My approach is beyond empirical data. I help in guiding individuals into the depths of their entire human experience- both light and dark. Deeply knowing oneself is the most powerful tool we can possess. My mission is to lead individuals to see themselves as clearly as possible to holistically heal, love, and exist, harmoniously.


I’m Dr. Mariam Harris.

A licensed clinician with a doctorate in Depth Psychotherapy, my work has always existed within
and for the community. For over a decade, I’ve been a flame in the dark for those who need
guidance through trauma, and into hope and healing. From substance abuse, mood disorders,
anxiety, sexual compulsions, and more, I’ve been the steadfast light that illuminates the root of
their difficulties via Depth Therapy, so that we can examine them clearly, and find health, joy, and
purpose beyond them.

I’m a committed peace whisperer,

an appellation that came to me in a dream. I actively practice love and deep listening in my unique therapeutic approach. Our unconscious stores generations of experience close to us culturally, familially, and socially. I explore these repressions, collective, archetypal forces, and dig below warning signs and patterns to illume transformation and change.

The culmination of my life and work is to design individual services that help to reach and empower the people of Afghanistan so they can reemerge back into the love that their cultural legacy is centered upon. As a proud Afghanwoman living in the West, my research into the lives of other Afghan women and men has inspired me to put compassion into action and work specifically with those who are severely traumatized.

my approach

I work to help you to see yourself
more clearly based on not only your
conscious experiences, but your
unconscious. Your generational,
and your spiritual realms. Your
archetypal tendencies, and that which
is ingrained in your DNA. It’s not about
course-correcting symptomatic
reflections and projections, but rather
understanding why we have fostered
our personality and our subsequent
feelings and actions.

When we understand ourselves in
this inherently profound way, we don’t
magically ascend— however when
we know our shadows, we can learn to
work with them,
and not project them.
We transform into more compassionate
beings, paving a soft, easier,
loving path for ourselves and those
around us.


As the clinical director of the national alliance of mental illness (NAMI), and leader of the orange county chapter warmline, one of largest emotional support phone lines in the nation, I exist in these depths with you all. I champion the notion that mental wellness is for everyone.

In the face of uncertainty, grief, anxiety, dysmorphia, loss of purpose or direction, loss, and more, I shepherd completely accessible mental support and care. We all deserve love, understanding, and dignity throughout our human experience.

I’ve also served as Assistant Director of the American Diabetes Association’s call center, as well as the manager of Northrop Grumman’s TRICARE healthcare program call center for uniformed service members, grounding myself actively, and daily in these realms of struggle. My practice is distilled in my small private office, where I supervise pre-licensed clinicians and provide healing— one client at a time.


Depth Therapy goes far beyond the superficial level.

This method certainly offers
a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen,
and tools to help you along your
journey, but this is truly a holistic
We don’t just hinge our
practice on empirical data and
formulaic protocols— we examine
the entire journey of the individual,
much of which is buried in the
unconscious— because we are
far more a sum of our obvious

the Veil

the Veil

Why this book and why now?

President Biden set a deadline for U.S. armed forces to leave Afghanistan
by the end of August 2021, and the disastrous consequences of the decision to abruptly pull out have been playing out on the world stage over this past summer. As the existing Afghan government has collapsed and the Taliban has swooped in for a swift conquest, the world is once more observing the fate of the Afghan people. In the past months, attacks around the nation increased, especially as the U.S. withdrew air support for Afghan security forces. As power grabs occur, scores of children have been killed by unknown bombers—many of whom seemingly targeted young girls from poor families: yet another example of how the feminine remains under attack. Conflict, grief, fear, and anxiety are high in a country where horrific violence is already normalized.

There is an Afghan proverb: “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed person becomes king.” Certainly, darkness has been cast over the Afghan people,
and present day the one-eyed imams and politicians hiding behind the cloak of religion use the vulnerable psyches of Afghan men to enforce strict rules that impede the basic rights of women. READ MORE

My book, coming next year, is a culmination of my personal experience, the experiences of those I’ve guided through deep darkness into hope and healing, very real current global issues, and revelations of peace whispered to me in my dreams.

the Peace

Expect the unexpected. Expect to feel seen.
Expect to uncover.

This podcast is all deep discourse that cultivates
self-awareness, reaching far below the surface, inside your subconscious, unconscious, and core. We’ll have incredible guests that have contributed to bettering society and understanding humanity in a way that changes the way we see the world. It’s going to be powerful.

Reach out
to me.